About Us


Apto PPE is a new entrant in the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) wear marketplace. We produce fit for purpose female industrial clothing, including a maternity range. Clothing is purpose designed for safety, comfort and practicality, to wear on the job in industries including construction, engineering, manufacturing and mining.

The range is designed for women by women with hands on experience in the engineering and construction industries who are passionate about ensuring that the women in industry are safe, comfortable and stylish when on work sites.

Apto PPE targets the premium end of the PPE industry by providing flexible and innovative designs to customers.


As women in traditionally male industries, our vision is for an inclusive profession that embraces diversity. We hope that our women’s protective workwear range will start positive conversations about diversity within organisations especially out on site. It is important that the needs of women in our industries are recognised and that they don’t have to make do with less safe, unstylish down sized versions of men’s PPE.

Apto PPE celebrates women in the engineering and construction industries by providing flexible and innovative PPE designs.


Founded by Gaye Francis, Michelle Shi-Verdaasdonk and Laurice Temple, the journey for Apto has been an exciting and interesting experience so far.

Fit for purpose women’s protective workwear was an initiative developed by Engineers Australia’s Women in Engineering National Committee after identifying a gap in the industry. Gaye and Michelle were part of the core team in establishing and executing the initial stages. In 2010, a working group was set up to develop prototype garments which were showcased at the gala dinner during the 15th International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES15) in Adelaide in July 2010. Following an overwhelming response the committee joined with John Holland to complete a pilot.

With permission and the good wishes of Women in Engineering, Apto PPE was founded and officially launched on International Women’s Day 2012 to take this initiative to its full potential and fill the gap in industry.

During 2012 we worked in partnership with our Australian designer Linh Thai from the Designer’s Assistant to develop three shirts and two pairs of pants of our Signature and Maternity ranges. These were then tested on site and refined to ensure optimum safety, comfort and style.

Two babies and a successful battle with breast cancer later, we are excited and proud to present and have available our Signature and Maternity women’s work wear range.


The Apto logo was developed with the assistance of Lizzy from Chops for Tea. Using the female symbol positioned in the male symbol orientation the logo represents women where men have traditionally been.

The slightly rounded corners of the font, infers that if you look beyond the engineer I am also a woman.

The ice blue colour looks great on the high visibility colour pallet and again symbolises women in a traditional male arena.